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-John Gray, Ph.D.
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“Ten years, three houses and two children later, my heart still flutters when he comes home.” -Rebecca Boscovic

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5 Reasons to Get Your Dating Game On NOW!

The Coronavirus pandemic is causing the biggest societal disrupter I’ve experienced in my lifetime- not even living through 911 in Washington D.C. came close. Living in the nation’s capital during that time was very interesting indeed. I witnessed lots of divorces in the aftermath of that crisis, people leaving jobs they had long become dispassionate about, and people leaving the city in droves...

Love is Blind

As someone who has been assisting women in attracting their ideal romantic partner for over a decade I regularly see the downright erroneous information about that topic in pop culture. I feel the need to share my thoughts about the recent hit Netflix series, Love Is Blind. Before I do that let me explain why I ask our students in L2FL (Learn to Find Love) to generally avoid such programs....

Facebook Dating

One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked at is if online dating is a viable option. With the new release this week in the U.S. of Facebook’s new dating app, I thought I’d add my opinion about the opportunity and challenges this might bring to social media users. Facebook Dating has actually been available in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile,...

The Learning To Find Love Model

Last weekend Craig and I were attending a conference in Texas. This annual conference is often a highlight of the year for us since we get to spend time with people we know and like who come from around the world. Once again this year we were approached by people in between meetings and breakouts who just wanted to express to us how happy they feel to see us together. They say things like, “I...

Self Care

Let’s get personal about our self-care… We’ve all heard how important self-care is, and there’s a ton of advice out there about ways to go about it.   I’ll even leave you with a list of things you might consider in a future post, but first- I want to suggest a way to customize your self-care to YOU. All you need to do, is take a look at what you’re already doing that...

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