Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How does L2FL work?

L2FL™ is a cause and effect system. Cause and effect systems produce dependable results based on two key criteria:

The ability to know EXACTLY what you want.

The ability, skills and opportunity to say NO to what you don’t want so that ultimately you get to say YES to what you do want. Many people make the mistake of focusing solely on the ‘effect’. Where am I going to find him or her or, I want to get married. They don’t focus on the smart actions that will lead naturally to attracting a committed romantic partnership. If you focus on powerful causal actions it is almost impossible not to find the love of your life.

Let’s say you want to lose twenty pounds. That’s the result or ‘effect’. Now, there are many different ways to lose weight. You can follow a drastic calorie restricted diet and lose the weight quickly but you’ll probably gain it all back plus a few more pounds. OR you can take the smart route and exercise while making healthier food choices. It’s more work, takes more time, but the results will last longer and your body, mind and spirit will be healthier for it.

L2FL™ works like the second example although mates can show up very quickly, often reflecting a student’s readiness for a mate relationship. Our program focuses on smart attitudes and actions and that’s why the relationships that people find and choose after taking this class tend to be markedly more satisfying than what they’ve experienced in the past. That’s why our graduates of the past 16 years enjoy a one percent divorce rate vs. our national U.S. average of fifty percent. More importantly, these relationships last because your reasons for choosing that man or woman are based on a solid foundation of smart decision making coupled with a healthy dose of self-care and self-love. By the time you complete the course, you know precisely what the relationship of your dreams looks like and how to recognize and attract the person who is the right romantic partner for you.

What is L2FL's success rate?

We have conducted two studies via graduate surveys (students who completed the course from 1993 through 2007.)

On average, half of the participants find their mates within one year of completing the course with another thirty percent having found their mate within two or more years of course completion. Keep in mind that some people find their mates even before the course is complete while others aren’t ready to settle down for one reason or another for several years after finishing the class.

We know of three divorces in total which estimates the L2FL™ divorce rate at less than one percent compared to the national U.S. average of fifty percent or more. Also, all of the reported divorces can be traced back to one or more missing components in the application of the L2FL™ system.

On another note: approximately twenty eight percent of our students engage in relationships with married people. Over ninety five percent of these relationships end during the course or within weeks of the student completing L2FL™ simply as a byproduct of learning the system.

For students involved with single partners but unsure of the long term viability of those relationships, the L2FL™ course clears up any questions so they know exactly how to proceed in those relationships.

What if I don't believe it'll work for me?

You don’t have to believe that this program will work for you. The majority of students taking this class express that while they can see L2FL™ working for others, for whatever reason they don’t believe it will work for them. That simply does not matter when you’re applying cause and effect. You don’t have to believe that increasing your exercise and making healthier food choices will lead to a fat loss if you’re overweight. But regardless of how you feel or what you believe, it will.

By committing to the L2FL™ system (and assuming you decide you truly want a mate in your life) over time it is virtually impossible for you not to eventually find the mate of your dreams. Whether or not you believe you will.

How is L2FL different from online or offline dating services, matchmakers or social networking groups?

Online or offline introductory services serve one purpose and that is to provide potential partners for you to assess. They typically look at surface compatibilities between people. There is no behavioral selection guide being utilized by these services or being taught to their subscribers.

L2FL™, on the other hand is a bona-fide behavioral mate selection system. It does not matter to us where your mate comes from, he can come from anywhere at anytime. Why limit yourself to ‘’ or ‘’ or wherever you happen to have paid a fee? By learning our system the whole world becomes your dating service. What we are interested in, our primary commitment, is that you choose the right mate for you.

We generally recommend that students suspend these services until after they have completed our course so their selection system is in place BEFORE they date.

What if I don't know what the relationship of my dreams looks like?

That is what your course is about. In actuality you absolutely do know what the relationship of your dreams looks like. If you didn’t, who would? However, that vision is typically clouded over and influenced by layers and layers of negative or even irrelevant input from the past. The good news is that we know the questions to ask to quickly get at that answer regardless of your past history of romantic relationships.

What tangible results can I expect from the L2FL course?

There are two key deliverables from this course plus major attitude adjustments that will forever change your relationship to finding love. The two key deliverables are as follows:

1. Your MateVision™, a crystal clear, tailored for you statement of who your mate is behaviorally. These are the behaviors that make it easy and natural for you to hold him or her in the highest esteem today, tomorrow and for the rest of your lives together. Your MateVision™ also serves as a powerful tool and template for finding and attracting high quality mate candidates.

2. Your MateVision™ Scorecard, a state of the art behavioral assessment tool that gives you access to becoming a master at identifying a potential mate’s true personality. It is designed to build your ability to quickly distinguish between the ones who are not your mate from the one who is. Your MateVision™ Scorecard is a tremendous time saver, makes finding love an enjoyable and adventurous activity and allows you to be solid and confident regarding your romantic choices.

Do you plan on conducting a Webinar for Men?

The current course is applicable for both men and women and is offered to both.  We have considered developing a Webinar just for Men, and once we have heard from a sufficient number of men that are interested, we will do it. Please contact us if you would be interested in attending a Webinar for Men.