Reply To: How’s it going?


I enjoyed the first module.

1. Since my recent break-up came as a shock and felt like having a rug pulled out from under me, I fear I may never be able to trust so completely again.
2. Growing old alone.
3. I know we are all works in progress, but there is a fear of someone seeing me as I am with all my faults. These faults include looks, body type and finances. I thought my ex was OK with these faults but in the end he suddenly wasn’t.

1. My best friend Mark is also a mature single gay man who keeps telling me “There are no decent people out there to date!”
2. Understanding the fine line between “healthy boundaries” and “being controlling” which played a part in collapse of the last relationship. I keep hearing we want to make sure our partner is as happy as possible but what if doing so will make us unhappy.
3. Self-esteem. I am haunted by the question: “Was I a good partner in the last relationship?”