Reply To: Introduce Yourselves!

Carla Erlandson

I’m Carla and I live in Washington state. I got married for the first time at age 55 and the marriage only lasted 3 and a half years before I had to get out. My husband was someone I had reconnected with after having a mad crush on him when I was a child/teenager. We have things in common but there was so much unhealthy stuff and in my inexperience, I took on the blame and tried to do everything and fix everything. I was so thrilled to be loved that I totally overlooked all of the red flags.
I loved having someone just for me and I loved the love. I can only imagine how wonderful it could be if it was healthy… I want that. (And true confession… although I rarely see him or talk with him, I do text with him and still put up with his meanness… ugh… so hard to totally let go of wishing he could “just get it.”)