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      Forums have been around for a very long time, but if you haven’t participated in forums before – here’s a brief overview to help you get started.

      Current students only have access to the New Member Forum and the Current L2FL Student Forum until 10 days after they graduate. The Current L2FL Students forum is off-limits to anyone other than the current students, the L2FL team (Alina, Craig, and CArRiE), and the EFT Love Coaches.

      The L2FL Community Forums are accessible to our L2FL Graduates, EFT Love Coaches, and the L2FL Team. We’ve set-up a few forums to get you started: Dating, Dating Apps, and Sex & Intimacy. We encourage you all to create topics within these forums that you would like to discuss.

      If you would like to add a Forum, please email: and we will consider adding them.

      The EFT Relationship Coaches Forum is a private forum for Coaches only to communicate with EFT Trainers, Alina & Craig.

      Hope this overview helps and we hope that these forums will be a place where you can all support each other while you practice your L2FL System, where you can explore ideas, share your experiences, and announce your engagements!

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      • This topic was modified 2 years, 6 months ago by CArRiE.
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