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      Alina Frank

      Some of you coming from a coaching background and are used to these sorts of inquiries but some of you haven’t. I’ll be adding other coaching tools to this section.

      “What motivated you to start these sessions?”

      “What are you committed to doing to make your goal happen?”

      “Can you help me understand?”

      “I am curious, what do you think happened?”

      “What is your point of view?”

      “How did you experience that?”

      “I wonder what you think happened?”

      “If our EFT coaching together works out beyond your expectations, what will be different for you?”

      “Should we focus today on ___ or ___?”

      “How do you see this situation?”

      “What situations make the challenges better? or worse?”

      “What have you already started to put in place to achieve your goal?”

      “What would you rather have?”

      “What goals have you been considering?”

      “What ideas do you have about why this happens?”

      “What are your options?”

      “What energizes you?”

      “What depletes your energy?”

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