Our Story

Craig and I have been married since 2010! Since we met in 2008, we’ve been unwavering in our commitment to each other and to serve as an example to those we come in contact with professionally and personally. We feel and hear from so many people that our model of relationship is rare. Everyone that meets us acknowledges that we are indeed an inspiration for a “match made in heaven”.

Professionally we’ve been recognized in this arena as well, an example being that we’ve been asked for four consecutive years to speak about relationships in the Tapping World Summit. This year they’ve asked us for two interviews ; one on relationship-related money challenges and the other on relationship as a spiritual path.

My Personal Backstory

There is a “behind the scenes” story that few people know about regarding the start of our relationship. It’s time that we finally make it public. When I met Craig I had been teaching clients about how to clear limiting beliefs that got in their way about what was possible and then how to become crystal clear about their intention for an ideal partner. When I met Craig it was merely 3 weeks since I had asked for a divorce from the father of my children.

Honestly, it was not love at first sight! In fact, when we met, I didn’t see him as a possible romantic partner. He had asked me to give a presentation at his chiropractic office on tapping after finding my website looking for someone in the area who practiced EFT.

Many serendipitous signs and several weeks later, we started to see each other romantically. One mystery followed another. How was it possible that we had never met in our town of only 786 inhabitants? Why, despite both being Jewish, and living in a sparsely populated Jewish community, had we never come across or even heard of each other? Why were we now suddenly running into each other on a near daily frequency?

Around this time I had a client whom I adored named Juli Vinik. There was something about her that intrigued me. She was getting wonderful results with the tapping we were doing, so when she said that she wanted to speak to me about a professional opportunity once her physical healing sessions with me were complete, I enthusiastically said yes!

Unbeknownst to me, Juli had been on the hunt for many years for a healing modality that she could incorporate into her “finding the perfect relationship” system. She had been a corporate behaviorist who would find, design and create the perfect match for Fortune 500 companies looking for the right fit CEO.

Her women’s group had challenged her to help them create the most important partnership in their lives, a romantic partner, and she set to work adapting her behavioral corporate model to one for finding the perfect mate.

So when she told me that she wanted me to partner with her to bring her “finding your perfect mate” work out to the world, I was honored. But, before we could move forward, first she had some very personal questions for me about my current romantic relationship status.

Juli asked me a series of questions designed to uncover whether Craig was indeed my ideal partner or not. Listening to her inquiry and her system… well I was floored — I had never come across a more thorough and elegant way of designing, intending and attracting an ideal partner. At the end of the call Juli felt that yes indeed I was with my earthmate-soulmate. She said that she just couldn’t have a business partner who wasn’t living the relationship dream she was preaching to others. Now I don’t know with certainty that I would have broken off  my relationship with Craig had I not had Juli’s blessing but it did help me when I had questions and doubts about the timing of meeting him and the inconvenience of jumping into a relationship so soon after ending my marriage.

The Learning to Find Love Beginning

Juli and I began offering online courses for small groups of women based on her model and integrated with EFT. The results were absolutely amazing. After teaching the course to three groups of blown away women, Juli took a teaching hiatus to write her book about “the work” so that its message and secrets could reach women (and men) around the world. Every time I would ask her about how the book was progressing  during the ensuing years, she told me that she’d launch it by February 14th. Each year, year after year, her deadline was February 14th.

During that time, our agreement was that I could offer the model to my private clients. I got to experience firsthand the difference this system made with women (and occasionally men) who went from not understanding what they wanted, going from one dead-end relationship to another, to finding the love of their lives. A woman in this type of relationship knows the truth – the right relationship makes life a joy, it makes life easier, it brings about tremendous healing and that it’s not about changing yourself. When you have chosen and attracted well, the biggest truth is that romantic partnership is EASY! Ask anyone in this type of extraordinary relationship and they’ll tell you just that.

Juli and I had made big plans to resurrect the online courses once her book was published. Each time we’d speak about this Juli would say, “Alina, please listen to me carefully. If anything should ever happen to me, I want you to bring this work out to the world.” This must have been a premonition.

The Nightmare

A few years ago, her beloved husband Jeff died alone, in bed, in his sleep, from a heart attack in their Chicago home during the holiday season. It was unusual for Juli to be out of town, but she was and she was thankful that she wasn’t the one to find him.

Then, during the holiday season of 2016 I received an unexpected and breath taking phone call. Juli herself died alone, in bed, in her sleep from a heart attack  in her Chicago home during the holidays. In generational family trauma work this is what is referred to as the “you go, then I’ll follow you” option. The sadness I felt upon hearing this news was lessened by the fact that I know that Juli and Jeff are once more together.

The Phoenix Rises

So in honor of Juli’s request and her commitment and passion to getting this amazing process out to the world, I have rearranged my life to make this happen this year. It is only appropriate (with a wink to Juli!) that I follow up on her intention to re-launch this work on Valentine’s Day, 2017. It is also part of my commitment to end the dismal divorce rate in western cultures and to make a dent in the preponderance of mediocre unhappy relationships. So, I am offering an updated version of this very course beginning this February 14th. This course is for SINGLE WOMEN ONLY. This is the beta version of the course after its 8 year hiatus and prices will go up with subsequent courses.

So, if you are a single woman who knows that she deserves and is really ready to call in your right partner and have one of those magical easy relationships based on love, then click here to find out more information. Aren’t you soooooo ready for this?

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