Self Care


February 16, 2017

Let’s get personal about our self-care…

We’ve all heard how important self-care is, and there’s a ton of advice out there about ways to go about it.   I’ll even leave you with a list of things you might consider in a future post, but first- I want to suggest a way to customize your self-care to YOU.

All you need to do, is take a look at what you’re already doing that brings you joy, that provides you with that escape from the stresses of day to day life.  You might even mentally classify these things as a luxury, or an indulgence.  Make a list of them… then start doing them more often.  Don’t wait for a breakdown- schedule it!

self care

I’ll give you an example… I love getting my hair cut.  It makes me feel pampered.  I feel that I look my very best when I walk out of the hair salon.  I literally count the days until my next appointment.  Well, I can’t very well get my hair cut every week- but, I can get a shampoo and style in between cuts.  I still receive that pampering, I still look fabulous when I walk out the door, and I only pay a fraction of what I would for a cut.

This can work both ways, most self-care strategies include the ever popular, ‘bubble bath’…  This is something I would NEVER add to my personal self-care regime.  Why?  Because, it would require me to scour the bathtub first!  For me… that takes all the relaxation out of the scenario!  So, when you read all those self-care-checklists, remember that they may not be a perfect fit for YOU.

Self-care is really all about self-love…  So, what makes YOU feel loved?