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Welcome to the Learning to Find Love Webinar!

All Modules are on Thursdays, at 12:00 Noon (Pacific).  Modules #3 & #7 (EFT) are both LIVE, and you are highly encouraged to attend.

Module #1 - October 3
Module #2 - October 10
Module #3 - October 17 (LIVE - EFT Module)
Module #4 - October 24
Module #5 - October 31
Module #6 - November 7
Module #7 - November 14 (LIVE - EFT Module)
Module #8 - November 21

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Each Module can run an hour to an hour and half (and occasionally even later), depending upon that day's curriculum. LIVE Modules may run longer, depending on student participation. Links and log-in information to attend the LIVE Modules will be made available before the course begins. All Modules will be uploaded for viewing each week, and the LIVE Modules will be recorded and available for viewing within 24 hours the module has ended via a password protected web page. This is especially for anyone who cannot attend the LIVE Module.

This highly personalized education will teach you how to design, find and choose the right man for you. You will end up with a tailor-made mate selection system using the key criteria required to have a long term, committed and successful romantic relationship.

You will also be receiving instruction in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques,) a highly effective and POWERFUL self-management tool for clearing away past emotional issues that can block you from receiving love. A few volunteers will have a golden opportunity to work live with Alina Frank and Craig Weiner during the LIVE Modules. If you want to be a volunteer please send an email with “Volunteer” in the subject line to: alina@tapyourpower.net.

Our Promise

By the end of the Webinar Course you will be crystal clear on the mate that you want, desire, and who, most importantly, will be the right match for you. You will also have the tools to generate highly qualified mate candidates and to accurately determine when a man or woman meets your qualifications. Bottom line: You will be educated on how to attract and select the right mate FOR YOU.

Three activities on your part are IMPERATIVE:

#1. You attend ALL of the online modules, either in real time or by viewing each class as soon as possible after it is conducted.

#2. You complete ALL homework assignments ASAP following each individual module. Each assignment is based on the information given in the previous module so the sooner you do it, the easier it will be for you to complete.

#3 You take full responsibility for your participation by asking questions on anything course related that you need clarified or that you wish to have a deepened understanding on.

The support of the secret Facebook group we will have set up specifically for you and your group makes a huge difference in students really getting this education on a quantum level. The Facebook Group is where you will discuss your course assignments, post your completed homework sections, share thoughts and ideas and learn from and with your fellow course participants. The Facebook Group is also where you will receive ongoing communications from Course Instructor, Alina and Group Monitor, CArRiE.

We will provide you and your group access to our coaching documents, and homework corresponding to most modules that can be downloaded from a password protected section of our website, www.LearningToFindLove.com.

Be aware that any question may be posted to the Facebook Group, and if determined to be of benefit for the course participants and you are a live attendee during the next LIVE Module, you may be called upon to ‘re-ask’ it during the LIVE Module.

Be smart! Work on your assignments within a day or two of attending the corresponding Module. Use the coaching documents and FAQ’s to assist you in fully comprehending the course curriculum and Homework assignments.

As with any committed endeavor, the more you put into this Webinar course the more you will get out of it. Imagine what it will be like to be in the romantic partnership of your dreams. How wonderful it will feel to have a man or woman who makes your happiness their priority and who is fulfilled by having you as their partner. Every minute that you invest in your Learning To Find Love Webinar course builds your romantic bank account for the future. Embrace your healthy selfish side and get as much out of this Course as you possibly can!

Webinar Module #1 and #2 deal with shifting perspectives that create a powerful new outlook on love and how to find the right romantic relationship. The awareness that arises out of the first two classes and corresponding assignments are designed to open you up to the real possibility of attracting and choosing your mate, easily and effortlessly.

Webinar Module #3 will be full EFT tapping healing sessions (this module is LIVE).

Webinar Modules #4 through #6 plus their corresponding assignments teach you how to develop a tailor made behavioral mate selection system. This opens up entirely new avenues to have high quality men or women flow into your life, and with your new system, you will be equipped to confidently choose your happily ever after mate relationship.

Webinar Module #7 will be full EFT tapping healing sessions (this module is LIVE).

The final Webinar Module #8, will wrap everything up in a nice big bow!

The addition of the separate, yet highly complementary EFT curriculum provides invaluable tools for remaining grounded and freed up from past relationships. EFT guidance and instruction will occur during the LIVE Modules. Tutorials will be available to download from our website.

You will need a small notebook which you will be using to capture your observations and assessments of your mate candidates following the Webinar.


1. 3 ring binder with 3 hole punched notepaper for working on assignments
2. A small notebook to keep track of your MAJIC™ (Mate Assessment Journal Increases Confidence) activities following your course. This can be ANY type of notebook.

Follow up

By following the system taught in this course, at its' completion you will be actively using your new tools to generate candidates and determine the true contenders for your Mate Position. Your group may wish to form a graduate Facebook Group as previous Webinar graduates have done.

Please note our Terms and Conditions as stated here: Terms and Conditions

CONGRATULATIONS, your Learning to Find Love Webinar 2019 has officially begun!

We look forward to being with you in our course,

Alina, Craig, and CArRiE