Alina and Craig8 Week L2FL Webinar Course Begins Feb 14th

Feel fabulous in your dating experience regardless of your dating track record, age, physical attributes, race, present financial condition or education.

No more wondering about where you are going to find him or her, or if they exists. No more worrying about your relationship being 'too good to be true' or 'enjoy it while it lasts'.

Do you want to sooo enjoy the process of finding your mate, even your coupled friends wouldn’t mind being in your shoes?

The people who have completed the process frequently report this is their experience.

This program saves a lot of time and makes it easier for me to keep focused on the right mate for me by eliminating the potential mates who are misaligned with my Vision.

Our Authentic Promises We Deliver:

A crystal clear definition of who your long term romantic partner is behaviorally, complete with tools to use to attract him or her.

A system that helps you determine if someone meets your relationship requirements, including the key criteria you must have for a happily ever after committed relationship.

An understanding of a brand new approach that guarantees you're treated like royalty instead of settling for anything less.

This highly personalized education will teach you how to design, find and choose the right person for you. You will end up with a tailor made mate selection system using the key criteria required to have a long term, committed and successful romantic relationship.

HappyCoupleI am so happy to report that I found my love through this course.  I will be married now 7 years in June and each year just gets better and better. And I know within my heart, it was because this webinar helped me understand who the man was that I would be happy with. And I still cherish the saying: “It can be as easy as stepping over the crack in a sidewalk.” Meeting my partner was just that easy. Our marriage is practically conflict free (and if we have something that needs discussed, we just talk about it.) Life with him is easy and joyous, and he still treats me like a queen. He remarks often that he thought marriage would be hard because he worked a lot harder in former relationships and they fell apart. We are blessed.

The Learning to Find Love™ Webinar
Starts February 14, 2020

The webinar includes:

  • 8 Interactive Online Modules
  • Exercises, Homework, contact with Instructors through group forum
  • Access to a Private Web Community for All Registered Students
  • Short Audio Highlight Clips and PDF Homework Downloads to Support Your Deep Learning
  • On-line Group Support 24/7 for duration of the Course
  • Next course starts February 14, 2020.

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Learning to Find Love Webinar February 14, 2020

Learning to Find Love Webinar February 14, 2020

3 payment Option $222.82 (includes 3% fee)

We have a secret Facebook Group available only for registered students. This online community is your student lounge. Hang out, chat, share your successes and ask questions. A coaching database is available to help you complete your assignments.

Six of the modules are pre-recorded and the two EFT modules are LIVE classes, don't worry if you're not able to make them in person, we will post each module within 24 hours to our website for you to view at your convenience.

Webinar Modules #1 and #2 are designed to open you up to the very real possibility of attracting and choosing your mate, easily and effortlessly. You’ll identify past patterns and create a powerful new outlook on love and how to find the right romantic relationship. The increased behavioral awareness you'll acquire lays the groundwork for a happy, successful romantic partnership.

Webinar Module #3 is LIVE and will be full EFT tapping healing sessions.

Webinar Modules #4 through #6 plus their corresponding assignments teach each student how to develop a tailor-made behavioral mate selection system. This creates entirely new avenues to have high quality men flow into your life. You will be equipped to confidently choose the right mate for you.

Webinar Module #7 is LIVE and will be full EFT tapping healing sessions.

The final module, #8 will wrap everything up in a nice big bow!

My life has changed in such profound ways. My entire outlook is different.

EFT with Alina Frank

The Learn 2 Find Love Webinar Series incorporates Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) into it’s methodology. This potent technique for self-healing leaves participants with a heightened sense of personal power and self-acceptance.  Alina Frank, one of the top accredited EFT practitioners in the world and one of the few specializing in romantic relationships and intimacy, is your guide for the program. You will experience a new opportunity to heal emotional issues associated with past relationships by using this highly effective yet simple to self-apply approach.